Supt. Dr. Mike Jette

We have been doing a great job as a school community keeping positive COVID-19 cases out of our schools .  As the Governor starts to order all schools in NH to return to in-person learning, our Litchfield School District is a beacon of light to other districts!  Working together, we have done an amazing job keeping students in classes while providing quality remote lessons for those who are more comfortable learning from home. 

I want to remind Litchfield families who are traveling over break to follow travel quarantine guidelines.  With new mutations and variants on the rise, even those who are recovering from COVID or who have been vaccinated can carry infection back to our students and staff.  With our remote learning option available to all students, there is no need to jeopardize our good health record with a hasty or misguided decision.  When in doubt, consult with our school administrators or nurse.

We will continue to operate in our current model (both in-person and remote instructional models- Blended Synchronous teaching) upon returning from the school vacation week on Monday, March 1st.  We have limited requests from staff about traveling during break who will need to quarantine.  Families who leave New England over the break are reminded that students who travel will need to quarantine for 10 days upon return.  If you know this will impact your child, please contact teachers and copy the CHS principal ASAP to make a solid plan to transition from in-person to remote learning after break.