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Opinion by John Caynon

Millions without power in Texas and the first response is, how can we spin this to blame one party or another. Not the businesses or entities responsible, but the parties. Or the Green New Deal (not in effect) or the Party of gas, coal, and oil. Then came the ridicule of Senator Cruz for taking his family to Cancun, then people cheering on AOC for raising millions for Texas, while others said “she’s just doing it for political points”. Still others said “Well, Texans, since you voted Republican, you deserve what you get”. Our cynicism has reached such a level that genuine concern and help for the people of Texas, our fellow Americans freezing, and in need of help seemed so far down the list of importance to act. Yes, we know, freezing temperatures here are scoffed at and we are more prepared for it, with generators, warmer clothing, insulated houses, and such. Our southern brothers are not. Don’t trust memes for your information. Read more than one or two sources for reasoning as to what causes the failures, so you can make a more informed decision as to root causes of failures. And while doing all that, see how you can lend a hand to help a fellow American in need. We are all on the same ship that is America and if we and if we want to right that ship, we all need to be more or less going in the same direction. We aren’t liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, but fellow citizens first and most of all. When we act like it and aid our fellow citizens, we make the world a better place!