Hello Litchfield Residents-

My name is Liz MacDonald and I am running for a position on the Litchfield School Board.  I love this town and I have been involved in the Litchfield schools since we moved to town in 2010.  I am committed to public education in Litchfield and have been an active participant in all three schools.   I believe I have many attributes that would make me a successful school board member.

  • I am a Parent – I want the best education possible for my children and yours.
  • I am a Taxpayer – I want fiscal responsibility and transparency addressing where my tax dollars are going.
  • I am an Educator I have been an elementary school teacher, a middle school teacher and a paraprofessional at CHS.  I am keenly aware of the challenges educators are facing in educating today’s students.  I live it every day.
  • I am a Team Player –  I work well with others and respect others’ opinions.
  • I am a Community Participant  – Below are some of the activities I have been involved in my eleven years living in Litchfield:
  • School Board Member
  • PTO Member at GMS, LMS and CHS
  • Board Member of GMS PTO – 4 years.
  • Youth Wrestling President – 4 years
  • Soccer Coach
  • CCD teacher
  • Pat Jewett Committee – 5 years 
  • Substitute Teacher at all 3 schools
  • I am a Listener – I will be open to suggestions and comments from Litchfield residents in regard to our schools. I supported the full in-school model that the majority of parents wanted to see implemented in the fall.  It was not an easy decision to make.  I took the emotion out of it and did what parents wanted.  I also supported parental choice whether to choose an in school model or full remote.  
  • I am Approachable – Send me an email, talk to me at the dump or just say hi on the sidelines of any school event.  I will always listen to parents and taxpayers concerns and do my best to bring them forward to the board and the superintendent.
  • I am an Informed Decision Maker – I will do the necessary research  and review all school board materials to make informed decisions for the best of our students of Litchfield. 
  • I am a Professional– I will hold myself to the standards set forth as a board member as outlined in the Code of Ethics. I have not missed one meeting, deliberative or graduation during my time on the School Board.

As a parent, educator and taxpayer I understand the school board has a unique,and sometimes difficult task to make  decisions for our school system.  I would like to continue to be part of the process by taking an active role in the Litchfield School District.  I am willing to put the time and work in as a school board member to make the right choices for our children.

Thank you for your time and don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, March 9th at Campbell High School.

Liz MacDonald lizmacnh@gmail.com