My name is Kate Stevens and I am asking for your support on Tuesday, March 9th to join the Budget Committee for a 2 year term.

My husband and I have lived in Litchfield for 10 years and enjoy raising our kids here.  I have recently been appointed Vice Chair of the Planning Board where I’ve served as a member for 3 years.  I volunteer with the GMS PTO and the School Board Wellness Committee. My husband is involved with town baseball and the Litchfield Trail Crew.  We enjoy volunteering and believe that time is another form of currency to keep our community strong.

My background is in lean manufacturing engineering. As an engineer my role was to design safe, efficient processes that delivered quality products to ultimately save the customer and company money. Working with Safety, Quality, Production, Sales, and Design required bringing many people with different priorities together to work towards the fundamental goal of customer satisfaction.  If the end user isn’t happy then no other internal metric carries much weight (except safety). To me, Litchfield residents are the paying customers that each board is serving.  

I’m running for Budget Committee to continue to be a voice for my neighbors.  On the Planning Board, I work by four practices that I will continue on the Budget Committee: (1) represent the voice of town citizens, (2) use the Master Plan and public input to guide my decisions, (3) ask lots of questions, and (4) work with developers on ways they can contribute improvements to Litchfield at no cost to the taxpayers.  I’ll reference the Capital Improvement Plan for town development goals while keeping a critical eye on fiscal responsibility.

As a Budget Committee member I will work together with various boards to make the greatest impact for our citizens and students with limited tax dollars.  I come with a critical thinking background, experience as a servant leader, and a belief that working together will yield better results than any group in a silo. Listening to all the people that make our community great – our citizens, town employees, teachers and school staff, business owners, and children – is important to me. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

I hope to have your support to be your voice on the Budget Committee.  I’m looking forward to seeing you at the polls on March 9th!