My name is Heidi Ames and I would be honored to serve our town on the Litchfield School Board. My
husband, Peter, and I have been residents of Litchfield for 16 years. We have three (3) great kiddos – an
8 th grader, a 6 th grader and a 4 th grader. Our children have always attended Litchfield schools and are
thriving, thanks to the wonderful teachers and staff they have worked with.
I am an attorney in Manchester and practice primarily in the area of family law. I spend most of my work
days mediating, negotiating and finding the best way to communicate and/or advocate for my clients.
These are skills that I believe will transfer well into being an effective school board member. I am a
stronger listener and I am used to hearing different viewpoints and navigating through them to find
common ground. I am a team-player and fully recognize that, if elected, I would be one voice out of five
and would need to work with other board members and district administration to find solutions.
I am also very involved in our schools and have been since my oldest started with Mrs. Sweetser in
kindergarten. I have been on the GMS PTO for 8 years and I am in my 4 th year as President. In this
position, I have been able to get to know many of our Litchfield families through the planning of Father
Daughter Dances, Pumpkin Festivals, Mother Son events, Kids N Canvas, and many other PTO activities.
I have also been able to get to know our teachers and staff, who are top-notch professionals. I volunteer
with the LMS PTO, have been an assistant coach for softball, and served as a co-facilitator for the parent
forum related to the GMS Principal Search. I am current on our town issues and regularly watch our
school board, budget committee and selectman meetings. For the past 10 years, I have also served on
UNH Alumni Association Board of Directors, for the past 2 years as President. I enjoy volunteering and
feel it important to give back to our community.
I am running for the school board because I believe I can my use my skills to make a difference for our
district and town. I am a fixer – when I see problems, I want to roll up my sleeves and find a way to solve
it. I strongly believe in the sentiment “Where there is a will, there is a way.” I want to be the “will” and
help our district navigate through difficult issues.
If elected, my priorities will be: (1) ensuring all students receive the support and attention they need to be
successful and ready for whatever their post-secondary journey may be (whether college bound or not).
This can be accomplished through collaboration, flexibility, but most of all perseverance amongst all
groups – students, families, teachers, staff, administration and board members. (2) Working diligently to
bridge the unfortunate divide between various groups in town by improving communication and being as
transparent as possible with board discussions and actions. There continues to be feelings of distrust and
hurt among different parties and I want help fix it, one relationship and one communication at a time. I
think my time and talents are well-suited for this. (3) Assisting with negotiations for the two (2) contracts
that are up for discussion. This will be a very busy year for the School Board – both the LEA and LSSA
contracts are up and are scheduled to be on the ballot in 2022 and my skills align nicely with these tasks;
and (4) Working together to find a fiscally responsible solution for a new elementary school in our town. I
want to devote my time to assisting with this endeavor – but doing so in a way that will not drive out long-
standing residents.
Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out
or visit my Facebook page: . Whether it
is for me or one of the great candidates, please remember to vote on March 9 th at the CHS Gym from 7am
to 7pm.