A Statement from Nikki Fordey

When I decided to run for budget committee again I fully intended to serve with respect and honor if the voters decided I should be re-elected. Sincere gratitude to the 700 or so Litchfield residents that filled in the bubble next to my name yesterday. However, life circumstances have changed for my family and I will be moving in a few months out of state. As such, I will have to resign from my budget committee position. My intention is to do so formally at our next meeting on March 25th. Thank you Litchfield for everything – and good luck.

*This does mean my house will be on the market soon (April 1st) – I know there have been many posts asking about available housing in Litchfield*

The Budget Committee responded with a statement.

The Budget Committee has been made aware of Mrs. Fordey’s resignation from the committee, effective March 25, in which Mrs. Fordey intends to make remarks at the start of the budget committee meeting. The meeting will be held at 7pm and public attendance is welcomed through the posted WebEx link.

On behalf of the entire Budget Committee, I would like to thank Mrs. Fordey for the years of services to our community and making Litchfield a better town for all. Mrs. Fordey was instrumental in her role as Vice Chair of the Committee as well as her participation in various subcommittees.

Per the the Budget Committee bylaws in place, an invitation to join the Committee will be extended to Mr. Scott Taylor as Mr. Taylor was the next highest vote receiver during the election on March 9th. All other community members will also be invited to join the committee. The Budget Committee will proceed with an interview process at the April meeting in which a vote to appoint until next March may occur. Alternatively, the Committee may elect to vote during the scheduled May meeting. 

A public notice of the vacancy will also be posted.

For anyone interested in joining the Committee until next March, please contact the Budget Committee Chair Andrew Cutter. acutter@litchfieldnh.gov
Thank you again to Mrs. Fordey!