We have had two positive COVID-19 cases identified among the CHS community.  To this point, because we have not had other positive cases at CHS recently, we are certain that these are community spread outside of CHS.  Both positive cases are now quarantining according to NH DHHS and CDC requirements. 

With our contact tracing, we have identified 8 other individuals in one case who need to be quarantined for close contact, and in the other case we have identified another 8 individuals who have begun quarantining for close contact.  All close contacts have been identified through transportation to and from school, in classes and study halls, and in the cafeteria, and were immediately sent home safely from CHS or contacted at home after they had left CHS.  If you have not been contacted by CHS nurse, Donna Boucher or the CHS administration, at this point we are confident that we have addressed those whom we need to contact.

With this brief upswing, we  continue to ask you to let us know when your students are traveling outside of New England and encourage you to continue to promote wearing masks, practicing safe distancing, and continuing good hygiene with your children.  


Bill Lonergan, CHS Principal