Litchfield Fire Rescue

On Sunday March 14, 2021 shortly after 12:30 pm Litchfield Fire Rescue was dispatched for a reported brush fire in the area of 103 Charles Bancroft Hwy. Litchfield Engine 2, Forestry 1, Forestry 2 and Tanker 3 responded. While enroute the Litchfield Fire duty officer was advised multiple calls were being received reporting a fast spreading fire quickly endangering a home due to high winds. A working brush fire alarm assignment was requested by the duty officer while still in route to the scene. A Hudson engine, Hudson forestry, Londonderry engine and forestry were dispatched to the fire. Upon arrival of the duty officer, an area of brush was found burning up the hillside approximately 100 feet from a home. A 30 mph wind gust quickly spread and pushed the flames within 30 feet of the home when Deputy Chief Nicoll arrived a short time later to establish command. Several hose lines were stretched and Litchfield Forestry 2 was placed on the hill in the rear of the home to protect it. Litchfield and Hudson engines were strategically placed to surround and contain the fire. The Londonderry units were not needed and returned by the incident commander. Firefighters had the flames under control in about 30 minutes. The fire was caused by arcing primary wires caused from a branch that fell on the  power line. Eversource was requested to the scene and found a faulty breaker which was replaced. Charles Bancroft Hwy was closed during the fire due to both fire apparatus and low visibility from smoke banking across the roadway.