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Good Afternoon,

We have had another member of the CHS community test positive for COVID 19.  That person is quarantining according to NH DHHS guidelines.  There were nine other members initially identified as close contacts with this person and they are also quarantined.  Please continue to do all you can to make sure your children wear masks, maintain physical distance, and practice good hygiene so we can keep ourselves and our friends and colleagues safe here at CHS and in the Litchfield community.  

Thank you,

Bill Lonergan, CHS Principal  

During this week’s School Board Meeting Supt. Dr. Jette informed the Board of 3 cases of Covid-19 at CHS. This has caused 7 Staff and 21 Students to quarantine until March 25th.

Here is Principal Lonergan’s statements. The first was posted Sunday 3/14.

Good Evening,

We learned this afternoon that another member of the CHS community has tested positive for COVID-19.  That person will be quarantining starting Monday.  As a result of contact tracing, another three other members of the CHS community have been notified that they need to quarantine for being in close contact with that community member.  If you have not heard from the CHS Administration or school nurse Donna Boucher, then you can consider all is okay for staff members or for students to be back at CHS tomorrow for regular classes.  All quarantining community members will be in Remote Learning until their quarantine is completed.  

Please continue supporting us in keeping staff and students and families safe by wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, and using proper hygiene.  

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

The second Post was sent Wednesday morning.

Good morning,

I have two pieces of information to share.  We had another member of the community who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.  That person has not been in school this week and is quarantining currently.  We also identified another group of community members who need to quarantine and are doing so as of yesterday.  Our biggest challenge at the moment is finding substitute teachers to accommodate staff who are quarantining for close contact or who have other needs to be out of school unrelated to COVID concerns.  Fortunately we have terrific colleagues who are stepping up to assist daily to ensure we have coverage for all of our classes.

Second, we had a medical situation in the building requiring Emergency responders  to be called and for us to go into a Shelter in Place.  That situation has been cleared and the Shelter in Place has been lifted.   At this time we are back to our normal Wednesday Early Release schedule.  


Bill Lonergan, Principal

View the Entire School Board Meeting here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k6WUwMt7I0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k6WUwMt7I0 Dr. Jette’s remarks on the CHS Cases are at approx 2:03:40