Mirror Staff

***UPDATE*** Wilson Farm has responded to the inquiry from the Mirror.

“We will not be opening in 2021, But not closed for good. 

Best Regards,

Kerri “

The Mirror has reached out to Wilson Farm in Lexington, Ma. The Representative confirmed there no plans to re-open in 2021. A number of Litchfield Residents have also reached out. The consensus seems to be that unless the younger “Wilson Farmer Generation” from Lexington is open to rehabbing and expanding the Litchfield site the future looks bleak. The Mirror is waiting to hear from Wilson Farm with an Official statement of their plans for the future. Stay Tuned!! SEE UPDATE ABOVE

A brief history on the little white house. The small house that has been demolished at the Wilson Farm was originally a vegetable stand for the Ira Ford Farm. It was constructed in the 1920’s. In the early 1930’s it was converted into a small house, and was rented out to tenants. After Olive Haskins Campbell bought the farm(the Fords were her cousins), her son, Dickie Snetsinger, and his family lived there for quite a few years. Wilson’s bought the property in the 1970’s from Olive Campbell and after that the house was used for their farm workers.