Litchfield Fire Recue

Spring has arrived here in New Hampshire bringing with it warmer temperatures and melting away what little snow was received during this past winter. In the fire service, the melting of the snow opens the official annual spring brush fire season. This annual event occurs each year just after the final snow disappears off the ground. The warmer weather, little to no relative humidity and all the dead, fallen trees, leaves, brush, and brown dormant vegetation left from the previous fall offers an abundance of material to burn and helps fuel brush fires. Brush fires can and do occur in most springs until the trees, shrubs and grass green up in early to late April. 

The fires usually burn on the top surface of the ground and are fanned by wind caused from the fluctuation in warmer and colder temperatures. During this time it is not unusual for a fire to burn the dry grasses that are above standing water in yards and fields. Due to last summer’s drought and a dry winter with below normal precipitation, the State of New Hampshire has been experiencing a busier than normal start to this year’s brush fire season. During the last two weeks many fire departments in New Hampshire including the Town of Litchfield have been responding to a few of these fires. 

You can do your part to help us by making sure you have the proper equipment including a hose when you have a fire. Make sure that your fire is 25 – 50 feet from a structure depending on the fire permit you obtained and the size of the fire you are burning. Watch the weather forecast prior to burning and if winds exceed 10 mph or the news mentions fire watches, very high fire danger or red flag warnings that you do not burn your pile. These are all warning signs that a fire could spread quickly or get out of control. Unless more rain is received soon, forecasters predict we could soon be back into drought conditions again for this summer. This could lead to a very active and busy brush fire season. Please use caution when burning and enjoy the warm weather!