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The Purple Finch is a member of the finch family, the Finch is closely related to the House Finch and Cassin’s Finch. The Purple Finch is a medium sized finch, measuring in at 12 – 15 cm (5 -6 in), with a wingspan of 22 – 26 cm (9 – 10 in), and a weight of 18 – 31 grams. The male Purple Finch is basically raspberry-colored on the head and chest while the female has the duller color of brown. The male’s lower belly is white and unmarked. It also has a dark face patch. The female, on the other hand, has strong streaking (brown and gray) on its back, sides, and chest. It has a pale eye stripe and dark ear patch. Its underbelly is also white but with some streaks. The juvenile Purple Finch looks just like the adult female.

The Purple Finch has a short tail which is notched. Its bill is straight, although not as straight as that of the Cassin’s Finch.

How many of these Fine Feathered Friends have you seen on your feeders?