Doug Nicoll / Health Officer

Here is the Friday April 2, 2021 Litchfield Covid update. During the past week the COVID numbers in Litchfield have dropped from last week for daily active numbers. The 10-day period decreased from 24 to 18 active cases. During the last week there were 12 new cases reported for the week. Thursday had no cases reported, the previous week there were 19 cases for the week. Last Saturday was a milestone for Litchfield where 600 resident’s have tested positive through PCR testing since the pandemic began last year. Since the one year anniversary was observed a month ago on March 2nd, Litchfield has seen 63 new positive cases. The town continues to average 2-3 new cases per day each week. The total count currently being monitored in the E911 system remains at 45 cases.

Happy Easter! ..Be safe, stay well, keep healthy and enjoy family!