Betty Vaughn

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I’m more and more concerned about voting rights.  Sidney Powell’s defense in court, for accusing Dominion election machine company of changing votes and having connections to dead people is; only stupid people would believe that nonsense.  So now that she is admitting it was all a farce you would think that Republicans would let go of the idea that the election was rigged.  Nope, people are doubling down.  Yesterday in Georgia, legislators voted to take away the power of the secretary of state and give it to themselves if the elections don’t go their way.  They voted to enact a bill that would make it harder for people of color and democratic counties to vote.  Ironically they did it in the name of making fair and free elections.  The national GOP put out a statement saying they would like a fair and free election process just as the governor was signing the bill that would end fair and free elections in Georgia.  I do worry NH legislators, who are already trying to limit voting by probable democratic voters, will be emboldened by this and add amendments to their suppression bills.  I have to be honest, I want to retire in a democracy.  I want my son to grow his career and family in a democracy.  With this kind of legislation popping up all over the country it seems republican legislators are less interested in democracy and more interested in republican power and control.  If the situation were reversed would I be so passionate about this? Damn right I would!  I want people to have as much right to disagree with me as they have to agree with me.  I want voting to continue to be a sacred right that gives the power to the people.  If we allow this type of legislation to stand it will be a slippery slope.  We are not that far away from going the way of Burma, now Myanmar, now that their military has seized control.  Honestly, I don’t care about your opinion of democrats. Call me all the names you want.  Accuse me of anything you want.  Just do it in an actual democracy.  Stand with me and fight to keep America a democracy. Contact your local and national legislators and tell them we need legislation to strengthen voting rights not diminish them.  Lyndon Johnson signed into law the voting rights act on August 6th, 1965.  That helped to stop discrimination of African American voters.  On June 25th, 2013 the supreme court ended that law as it was said it was no longer needed.  Right now the senate is going to vote on HR1, a new voting rights act that would strengthen laws to fight discrimination and add ethics rules for federal office holders.  We need to be writing to our legislators and letting them know how important it is to pass this bill and strengthen voting rights and our democracy.