Kim Mattuccii

Chik Farm Woodworking

Mike and Jennifer Brennan are the owners and operators of Chik Farm Woodworking, located on
3A, Litchfield NH (old Jolt Electric home). They got the name from Mike’s Dad, who took the
1 st letter in each of the grandkids’ names. They originally had some cow & chickens, so it was
Chik Farm, and it later became Chik Farm Woodworking when Mike took a hobby and created a small business out of it!
Jen and Mike have called Litchfield home for the past 5 years. Living across from Wilson’s
Farm first, then moving to their current residence.

Mike can build or make anything out of wood. He welcomes and loves custom order pieces but
has some items to purchase right away. They have such pieces at the Farmhouse on the Corner,
which was the first store to showcase his work. Buying rough cut slabs, no 2 pieces are exactly
alike, and all wood used is purchased locally in New Hampshire from other small businesses or
mill yards! Small business helping small business…LOVE IT! His prices are reasonable too!
So, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, if you are looking for a special piece, created
with love, drop Mike an email. and visit their website

If you are a Litchfield resident with a business or own a business here in Litchfield, I would love to spotlight your business in our town’s online paper.
Please note I do not endorse any businesses, rather just letting our community know of businesses owned and operated by Litchfield residents. Always do your due diligence and research businesses you would like to work with.