Staged Works Home Staging Services

Right now, the housing market is very much a seller’s market. As soon as a “for sale” sign goes
up, it is replaced with a “sold” one. Getting top dollar for your house is key when selling and
every little thing to make a house shine, helps.
Brenda Douglas, a Litchfield resident since 2000, is owner and operator of Staged Works Home
Staging Services. Her expertise is to come in and help your house “shine”! After being in the
hospitality field for too long, Brenda deicide to start her own business in 2012. Drawing from
her expertise in hospitality, staging your home to reflect the lifestyles of your current target home
buyer, helps them picture a home they can make themselves. Although, staging vacant homes is
easier since they are a blank slate, she can also help homeowners make the most of their house
with suggestions on simply repairs, cleaning, decluttering and some staging to appeal to those
potential home buyers. Brenda says the work is “fun but physical” but she enjoys what she does.
She can work with home buyers and realtors; she can do home consultations and lease out
furniture and accent pieces if you need it. So, if your home is on the market or soon will be and
you would like to give it the extra push to entice the next home buyer, consider giving Brenda a
call. She can be reached at 603-801-2283 or by email, . Her website
is and check out her Facebook page, Staged Works.

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