After hunkering down for the Winter and working hard this past Easter Weekend, the Bunnies are back.

We’ve seen them more and more since this spring hopping around our yards and our gardens. 

But, did you know there are two species of Cottontails?

Here’s an example of an introduced species stealing habitat from a native species.

Despite the fact that they are separate species, the New England cottontail and eastern cottontail are nearly identical in appearance. Both have a grayish brown pelt flecked with black, and a white tail, but there can be some subtle physical differences. Most New England cottontails have a small black spot on the forehead, whereas about half of all eastern cottontails have a white spot in the same place. The New England cottontail’s ears are slightly shorter than those of the eastern cottontail and have a line of black fur along the outer edge. However, without being able to make a direct comparison and given the variation in individuals, it is not always possible to identify the species based on sight alone.

For more info visit the NH Rabbit Report Website.