Opinion by John Caynon

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Things that make you say hmmm…. The reason that you didn’t hear a lot about the weapon used in the killing in Boulder, CO, was that it was a Ruger AR556 pistol, with an arm brace stock. Not an AR15 “assault style” rifle. Yet he was able to kill 10 people, rather quickly. So now the gun control people will be certainly looking for ways to “get rid” of more than just the “Assault style” rifles that we keep hearing about as “so dangerous”. Keep in mind that the Virginia Tech killer killed 32 people with two pistols. Are we truly to believe that banning a gun that looks “scary” is really going to end all of our problems with gun violence. Do we believe that someone won’t now buy an AR556 pistol, which uses the same ammunition as the AR15, all because they “can’t get an “assault rifle?” The same ammunition….