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Public Notice

Face Mask Mandate to Remain in Effect Released by Litchfield Board of Selectmen – April 16, 2021

Although Governor Sununu’s statewide face mask mandate expires today, the town’s face mask mandate remains in effect. Private businesses, organizations and cities and towns retain authority to require customers and residents to wear face masks. The safety and protection of town employees and residents remains a top priority for the Board of Selectmen at a time when community transmission of the COVID-19 virus is still very active….

Gov. Sununu announced the end of the mandate at his weekly Thursday coronavirus news conference. Sununu pointed to a seven-day average daily death rate of 0.06 percent — the lowest since October 2020, a month before the emergency mandate was issued. Hospitalizations, he noted, also remain at a manageable rate while more than 70 percent of the state’s residents who are 65 or older have been vaccinated.

“We have been very careful from the beginning of this pandemic to take items up individually and make informed decisions,” Sununu said. “We have never set arbitrary dates unsupported by the data and the science.”

For more info, read the Patch article https://patch.com/new-hampshire/concord-nh/new-hampshires-statewide-mask-mandate-expire-friday