Opinion by John Caynon

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Things that make you say hmmm…. So, adding 4 seats to the Supreme Court will bring the court back into balance? And we were worried about our kids learning “The New Math”. Who do these clowns think they are kidding? Do they think they will never be out of power and that when the other side gets back into power, that instead of 13 Justices, it can be brought back into balance with 17? Everyone, and I mean everyone knows exactly why they are trying to do this. Since having nine Justices for well over 100 years has clearly worked out, this scenario would be a nightmare and quickly have both sides of the aisle lose faith in the impartiality of the highest court in the land. Good thing that Democratic leadership has pooh-poohed the idea, but come on, why was it brought up in the first place? Yes, Judge Garland got a raw deal by not having a hearing on his nomination, but you do not overcorrect that by adding a large number of justices in a power grab, plain and simple. This should not only make one say hmmm…., but it should make you say, what were they thinking? Or is asking if they thought about it and the ramifications, would be been too much of a stretch.