Mirror Staff

The Thursday ,4/22/2021/ Budget Committee Meeting Started with questions on the process of filling the vacated seat by Nikky Fordey. Ex-Committee Member, Jen Bourque, questioned why wasn’t anyone from the public invited to join the committee or why wasn’t the vacancy posted per Chairman Andrew Cutter’s Statement on Fordey’s resignation.

Cutter’s Statement to the Mirror 3/11/2021

“Per the the Budget Committee bylaws in place, an invitation to join the Committee will be extended to Mr. Scott Taylor as Mr. Taylor was the next highest vote receiver during the election on March 9th. All other community members will also be invited to join the committee. The Budget Committee will proceed with an interview process at the April meeting in which a vote to appoint until next March may occur. Alternatively, the Committee may elect to vote during the scheduled May meeting. 
A public notice of the vacancy will also be posted.”

Details are sketchy at this point. Requests for statements from Cutter and Bourque were sent out and the Mirror will dig deeper into this next week. Stay Tuned. The Budget Committee meeting can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvocI1BKcB8



After a re-review of the Budget Committee by-laws and specifically the section on vacancies, a Committee member raised the point that Mr. Taylor should be appointed to the position. The By-laws, as adopted in June 2020, read as follows:

With this, and the consultation of town legal to confirm RSA 32:15 and the by-laws language, the legal opinion issued was in fact that the Budget Committee could proceed with the appointment of Mr. Taylor given Mr. Taylor sought election in March 2021, remained interested in serving on the Committee, and received greater than 1% of the vote.  After a discussion during the 4/22/21 Budget Committee meeting, and thoroughly discussing the will of the committee to either continue with the option to publicly post or appoint Mr. Taylor, the Budget Committee voted 7-1-0 to appoint Mr. Taylor to fill the vacant seat, in accordance with the By-laws and the legal opinion issued.