Mirror Staff / GMS Principal’s Presentation

GMS Principal, Dan Mitchell

GMS would like to recognize those staff who have left or will be retiring or leaving this year: Barb LaBelle, Sue Seabrook, Peggie Sawicki, Pattie Wagonner, Lauren Sampson, Tricia Frazier, Laura Dampolo,
Chris Couronis, and Janet Gee.

Instructional Highlights:

Pre K Team
Pre-K is finishing up their Pets and Animals unit. In the Preschool 3’s program students
continue to learn about classifying animals that are pets and expanding their pet related
vocabulary. Pre-K 4’s spent 21 excitement filled days hatching chicks in their classroom!

Kindergarten Team
The kindergarten is very excited that the playground is open again. We have been taking advantage of the nicer weather to do some outdoor activities. Such as going outside to draw the weather, writing with chalk, erupting a volcano that the class made and just spending more time outside. The kindergarten classes have been working on addition and subtraction in math. We have also been working on writing numbers, some of us can get all the way to one hundred. The kindergarten pen pals have been a huge success. The students are really enjoying getting letters from each other.

● Grade 1 Team
In reading, our first graders will be working on our fifth unit in Language Arts when we return
after vacation. Along with improving our reading fluency, we have also been focusing on our
writing skills. Time has been spent on how to correctly write narratives. Some of the students
are writing stories about their first grade memories. Those stories will be published into class
books for families to enjoy!

● Grade 2 Team
The second graders recently completed Unit 5 of the Harcourt Language Arts series. This puts us
on-track to complete the series by the end of Grade 2. We recently assessed fluency, accuracy,
and comprehension in oral and silent reading, as well as skills in the areas of phonics, grammar,
and vocabulary. We have been focusing on improving descriptions and the use of adjectives
when writing informational articles, personal narratives, and arguments. In Math, the students
recently completed a unit working with place value, patterns, and comparisons of numbers to
1,000. We will be moving on to the measurement unit when we return from April break. Many
classes recently completed a Mystery Science unit entitled ‘Works of Water’, where we
developed the idea that water is a powerful force that reshapes the earth’s surface. In Social
Studies, many classes have begun working on concepts related to Economics, such as needs vs.
wants and producers/consumers.

● Grade 3 Team
The third grade classes are finishing up our unit on economics. The students have learned to
distinguish between needs and wants, and recognize that not all wants can be satisfied. The
classes discussed how and why people make choices about spending the money they earn. The
students learned the difference between consumers and producers, and to identify between goods
and services We also learned about supply and demand, and how this affects prices. Finally, the
students learned that the world of work offers many different kinds of jobs. People can use their
various talents and strengths to specialize in a career that they enjoy. By working together with
others we can get the job done.
● Grade 4 Team
The fourth grade has been working hard this month! All classes successfully dissected squid for
our classifying animals unit in science. It looked a little different this year. Each student got their
own squid instead of working in groups! They were so excited and did an excellent job! They
even got to write their name with the pen that is inside the squid using ink from the ink sack in
their own squid! We have also been using our chromebooks much more now that every student
has one. We have been learning about and using Jamboard which is a Google tool. In writing the
4th graders have been researching a famous person from NH. They took notes on notecards using
internet sources and transferred that information to an outline. After they had their detail
sentences in their outline they worked on adding topic and conclusion sentences. They did a
great job! We are now working on typing these up. The final part of their research project is to
make a WeVideo on their famous NH person. They learned all about WeVideo in library class,
so they put their skills to work in here to extend their knowledge to writing. In math we finished
up our long division unit and moved on to line plots. We will be starting fractions after April
vacation. We also welcomed most of our remote students back into the classroom. It is really
nice to have most classes together again. Learning looks very different with all students in one
classroom and it has been nice to have some feeling of normalcy back. We are really looking
forward to all the exciting 4th grade things to come in the upcoming months!

Upcoming Events:
● May 31, 2021 – No School – Memorial Day
● June 14, 2021 – Relay Recess
● June 15, 2021 – Fourth Grade Recognition Day
● June 16, 2021 – Field Day
● June 17, 2021 – Last Day of School – Anticipated

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