Mirror Staff

Conservation Commission Chair Matt Lepore and Alternate Member Jayson Brennen attended the Timber Walk Thursday hosted by NH Forests and Lands Dept.

Conservation Commission notes:

1. They went over the process.  The larger pines that are marked within “the area” will come down.  They will have skid roads set up and will triage trees in certain locations.  They will then be carted out.

2. By pulling out the bigger trees, the smaller trees will be able to grow up. This will benefit the whole forest. 

3. The period of performance will be Sept-March.  They hope the selected logger will get it done during that time. If not, they will have a second year (Sept-Mar) to finish up.

4. The forest will be closed when the contractor is logging.   They did say that they will probably keep the Aldrich Street entrance open so that people can get into Londonderry.  It sounds like they will temporarily block off the main trail.  

5. As part of this, they plan to improve the parking lot and also fix up the blown out culvert by Aldrich Street.  

6. When done, the logger will smooth out the trails so that they are ready for the public.  They also try their best not to ruin existing trails.

7. The contractors that are bidding are actually bidding to pay the state to remove the timber.  So, the award goes to the highest bidder versus the lowest.  The town will see some revenue through a timber tax.

8. It will look like a bomb went off after they are done but it will quickly grow back in.

9. Red pine scale, an invasive insect first noticed in NH in 2012, was also a reason the state was taking action, as the insect is spreading and can be detrimental to forest health. They typically have two generations per year, but in warmer years, can have a third in the autumn. 

There were about 12 people there, 6 or 7 from town, or close by.  Lots of good questions