Litchfield Fire Rescue

In recent weeks the department has responded to several brush fires, not only in Litchfield but in other towns. We want to remind all residents that you must ensure that you obtain a permit to kindle an outside fire in the town of Litchfield, No matter if it’s raining or snowing. Also during High Fire danger days the state will not issue Category 3 ( Brush pile permits ) Please ensure that you are obtaining the proper permit when it pertains to the type of fire you wish to have. Lately we have noticed people pulling a Category 2 permit on High fire danger days. The department will start to do spot inspections on permits pulled on days when the fire danger is high to check on them. As a reminder all Category 2 & 3 permits cannot be ignited until after 5pm.

We hope this helps clear up some of the confusion.

Category 1 type fire:(These can be seasonal)This means that you obtain the permit once a year and it expires on Dec 31st.Small no more than 2 feet in diameter, usually purchased at a store.

Category 2 fire: These are commonly made for an outside seating area. Around a patio or deck. These too can be a seasonal permit. This style is made of stone or brick, and cannot exceed 4 feet in diameter.

Category 3

These are commonly known as outside brush piles. Usually branches and small logs no more than 5 inches in diameter. These permits can only be obtained on a daily basis, or over a weekend. The state of NH is in charge of monitoring the website and allows users to obtain a permit. On cases like this week where the fire danger is “High” they restrict brush permits. When conditions are worse Very High or Extreme the restrict all outside burning. So if you are online trying to get a brush permit and it’s not an option to choose from, this means that the state has suspended the category brush permit for a period of time. We are not responsible for the management of the website. If you have any further questions that need to be answered, please call the fire station and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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