Rob Fay

During the May 10th Board of Selectmen Meeting Chairman Steven Webber voiced concern over the Conservation Commissions nomination of Alternate Andrew Thompson to the commission (Term expiring 2022). “I just feel we have stronger alternates that will bring more to the table” Webber argued. “We need to look at who’s voting…We need to have strong members there.”

Matt Lepore, Chairman of the Conservation Committee has called a Special Meeting on Thursday May 20th to discuss the issue.

A statement from Chairman Matt Lepore:

The BOS declined to vote on our recommendation. They requested that we provide a few candidates for them to choose from at their next meeting. Ultimately, the Board has the authority to appoint members to our Commission, we only recommend individuals to this position. The commission will discuss how we would like to proceed with a new recommendation. We certainly have a tough decision ahead of us.

The May 20th meeting will be streamed live on LitchfieldTV YouTube Channel and LCTV channel 22 at 7pm.