Mirror Staff / What’s Up News

In a joint effort between the Board of Selectmen, Police, Fire, the What’s Up Page, the Christmas Committee, and a few very significant VIPs, we are going to pull off a Memorial Day Parade. Here’s the deal…

1️⃣ **Parade Day & Route… **Details are evolving, but the parade will be on Memorial Day, run down Albuquerque, and most likely end at the Town Hall Complex.

2️⃣ Walkers, Bikers, Musicians, Cool Vehicles are All Invited… This parade will be suitable for walkers and bikers. So, if you have a group, team, a cool car, a tractor, a bike, float, replica UFO, a drum & bugle corps, or anything else, get it ready to go. We need you. Think creatively.

3️⃣ Attendance is Mandatory😀 – If you’re in town, attendance is mandatory!!! We need people hooting and hollering all the way along the route.

The award-winning, Memorial Day Parade has been a staple in Litchfield for a long time and last year, it was interrupted by the pandemic. With all the very recent good news, the BOS decided to hold a parade down Albuquerque this year and the Historical Society will host it (as usual) down 3A next year.