Rob Fay

I may go on a rant here so here’s the disclaimer.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Litchfield Mirror, LCTV, LCM, the Town of Litchfield or it’s elected officials.

During the School District Meeting this week the topics of students wearing masks at recess or during Sports was debated.

Starting Thursday May 19th, Masks will be optional on the playgrounds and outdoor PE. Masks will not be required for Active Athletic Participants. Bench players and Coaches will require masks unless they can maintain 6 feet of distance. This news comes as the NHIAA failed to direct or take the lead on the issue leaving it up to the School Districts and Athletic Directors. Typical NHIAA.

There will be more info to come about LMS Outdoor Activities and the CHS Graduation. Stay Tuned.

The complete School Board meeting can be found here.