Rob Fay

The Litchfield Conservation Commission help a Special Meeting to bring more candidates to the Board of Selectmen to fill the open seat on the Commission. on May 10th BOS declined to vote on the commission’s nomination of Andrew Thompson from Alternate to full voting member Selectmen Chair Steve Webber said  “I just feel we have stronger alternates that will bring more to the table” Webber argued. “We need to look at who’s voting…We need to have strong members there.”

During Thursday’s Special Meeting temper flared as some long time commission members were angry at the Selectmen’s response. Members also took offense to the previous meeting’s presentation by newly appointed alternate Jayson Brennen. The discussion ended with Thompson being re-nominated along with Marion Godzik.

Conservation Commission Chair Matt Lepore had this statement:

Conservation (Commission) voted to recommend Andrew Thompson and Marion Godzik to the Selectmen to decide between for the vacant seat. Both votes were 6-0-1. 

The Mirror asked Selectmen Chair Steve Webber to clarify procedure. Webber Stated:

The BOS is the appointing agency. We can appoint whomever we feel is best. Historically, the BOS has followed the wishes of the board or commission; however, we can do what we feel is in the best interest of the town.

Next Board of Selectmen meeting is Monday, May 24th. It will be must see TV. LCTV will air it live on LCTV ch. 22 and LitchfieldTV YouTube Channel.