Rob Fay

There is a growing population of parents in town that wish The School Board and LMS look for ways to give students recess or outdoor mental health breaks. If we have learned anything from this Pandemic it’s that mental health has been a big issue and more districts are taking it more seriously.

Recently, in a post on the Litchfield What’s Up Facebook page ( ) a group of parents made their case for recess at LMS and encouraged other parents to contact the School Board to do the same.

Did you know our middle school doesn’t have recess? Our family thinks students and staff at all school levels should have the opportunity to a few minutes outside in the middle of the day. The school board is reevaluating school start times and negotiating new teacher/support contracts this year. Any changes to the school days won’t be seen until 2022. We are writing the school board to ask that they consider working recess back into the LMS schedule during these negotiations. Please take a minute to write a letter too or DM me if you’d like to read ours and sign it with us. Hoping with enough community support we can work together with the schools to allow a dedicated mental break time for the students. SB email:

Don’t forget full name and street address to be considered as public input at the next school board meeting on June 2nd. Thank you!

School Board Vice Chair, Brian Bourque Responded:

As it stands with the current schedule, at LMS if recess was provided there would not be enough instructional time in the day to adhere to state guidelines. This is one of the reasons a task force is being put together to look at school start and finish times at all three schools.

The Litchfield Mirror will post updates on the Task Force info as soon as it is available.