ON Monday, May 24th2021, The Litchfield Board of Selectmen Declined to vote on the Conservation Commission’s 2 nominations to fill an empty full time member’s seat. Two weeks prior the Board declined to vote on the Commission’s nomination of Andrew Thompson, an Alternate, citing there were more qualified candidates to consider.

The Following Conservation Commission meeting was contentious with tempers flaring and heated debate. Some Commission members did not like the Selectmen “Micro Managing” their process. That night the Commission only nominated 2 Candidates and the Selectmen wanted all who wished to be nominated have a chance to be nominated.

Conservation Commission Chair, Matt Lepore has now been asked to go back and see if the commission will nominate all who wish to be considered.

The Next Conservation Commission meeting is Thursday, June 3rd. Prepare for fireworks!!

The Selectmen Meeting can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTfLpOZJm0w