With 424 students enrolled at GMS for next fall some classes are reaching or are over their trigger number to add new teachers. The trigger numbers reflect how many students per class.

Kindergarten trigger number is 76 with 84 incoming students.

1st Grade trigger number is 84 with 83 incoming students

2nd Grade trigger number is 84 with 79 incoming students

3rd Grade trigger number is 84 with 86 incoming students

4th Grade trigger number is 93 with 94 incoming students

All in all, GMS enrollment has increased by 30 students.

The current district guide for students per class is:

Kindergarten 18 students

1st Grade 20 students

2nd Grade 20 students

3rd Grade 20 students

4th Garde 23 students

School Board Member Heidi Ames questioned the trigger numbers and what was the procedure to change them. The Mirror reached out to past School Board and Budget Committee member Cindy Couture who believes the trigger numbers were set in 2003 and updated in 2018, thirteen years ago. The Board agreed to bring back GMS Principal Dan Mitchell to discuss the issue further.