Good morning Litchfield!

Consolidated Communications sent a crew out to restore the internet over night. We are happy to learn that the Internet and phones are currently working in all 3 schools.

Today will be a normal school day for both remote students and in person students. Regular communication plans are in place.

Have a great day!
Mike Jette, Superintendent of Schools

As if the 2020-2021 School Year was challenging enough, Internet Provider Consolidated Communications (Formerly Fairpoint) has reported a internet outage in and around Campbell High School. The Internet provider says it will have a crew on the scene tomorrow. In the mean time the School District sent out an email with the Plan for schools tomorrow.

Good Evening,

I am writing with an update on today’s internet outage in the Litchfield Schools and to communicate a plan for school tomorrow.  Here are the facts as we know them:

  1. The internet outage is owned by Consolidated Communications, and is impacting an area in Litchfield with a 1 mile radius around CHS.  
  2. Our district internet for LMS and GMS is wired through CHS.  This means the internet feed from LMS and GMS to the outside world is also not working.
  3. Our phone system depends on the internet.  While we can call room to room and school to school, we are not able to make or receive outside calls.
  4. The technician is scheduled to come between 11 and 1 on Friday.  Depending on what they find to be the source of the outage, we may go the entire day without internet and phones.

Here is the plan for tomorrow:

  1. This will impact remote learners.  Teachers have been asked to upload lessons to  Google Classroom through any means possible (home internet, cell, hot spot, etc.).  Our few remaining remote learners will have a remote learning day without much teacher contact.  Remote students will have time to make up for missing work next week.
  2. We will rely on cell service for emergency calls out of the school.
  3. We have established 3 new email addresses:  CHSOFFICE, LMSOFFICE and GMSOFFICE all at litchfieldsd.org.  Incoming emails to each address will be routed to 5 people in each school:  principal, assistant principal, 2 admin assistants and the receptionist.  Parents are asked to use this email address to contact the school in an emergency or with pressing needs.  The 5 people will use cell service to monitor email throughout the day.

Principals will be sending additional school specific information by the morning.  Please be sure to read those messages.  Let’s work together through another hurdle for a strong finish to a highly unusual year!

Be well & Stay Strong!  Mike Jette, Superintendent of Schools

A notice from the LMS Food Service Staff:

LMS Parents

Due to the internet outage. June 11, 2021. The cafe will not be able to sell snack items. Chips, cookies, water, etc. We are unable to ring the items in our POS system. We will be, physically, counting each lunch served.