The Swap Table at the transfer Station as been closed for over a year because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The popularity of the table caused parking spots being occupied for longer times that just dumping your trash. Management, with approval from the Selectmen, decided to close it until the Pandemic was under control. Many residents want the table back asap!! The fate of the swap table was discussed at the Selectmen Meeting this past Monday.

It seems the transfer Station is down 2 part timers and Management would prefer NOT to re-open the table at this time. However, Plan B would be for the transfer station to open up 1 hour later on Sundays to allow staff to set the table up. Selectmen Rich Lascelles suggested that the table be open ONLY SUNDAYS.

The Selectmen decided to run those ideas past Management to get their thoughts. The Litchfield Mall may Re-open Soon!!