The Litchfield School District removed some information from their website that some felt was akin to Critical Race Theory. After questioned by a local Blogger the district removed the material.

The School Board Statement:

Here is the full response to Michael Graham’s inquiry to the Litchfield School Board regarding our Message of Unity. Our curriculum, which has successfully taught history to thousands of students over the years, has never included reference to Critical Race Theory. When curriculum issues have been brought to our attention, they have been addressed.

“Over a year ago, Litchfield School District published a Message of Unity in response to the rising political and civil unrest following the death of George Floyd. The purpose of the message was to reassert our commitment to provide a safe and inclusive school experience that is free from racist acts, bigotry, violence and hatred.

When developing our message of unity, we consulted with students and employees in addition to reviewing similar messages published by other organizations. We decided to include a list of linked resources to help support Litchfield families through difficult conversations about race while staying “safer at home” during the pandemic. One of the provided links was a compilation of resources that included articles, books, movies, websites and other resources. Many of the resources on the linked list have changed since we provided the link last year, and some of the resources currently on the linked list have recently been flagged as a concern among our community. We have removed the message and resources from our website. Our Message of Unity remains unchanged. Litchfield School District continues to be united with the Litchfield community as a place where inclusion, respect and unity prevail and diversity is celebrated. Racism, inequality, intolerance, hatred, and violence have no place in Litchfield schools.

Christina Harrison

Litchfield School Board, Chair