Farm machinery can vary from combines, tractors, balers, farm trucks, plows, mowers to sprayers, backhoes and all other kinds of farm equipment. The size and speed of these machines vary as well, so it is important to be cautious when driving alongside one of these vehicles.  

Most farm equipment speed’s do not exceed 30-40 mph, therefore when you do come across this machinery on the road the first thing you need to do as a driver is to slow down. Another way to spot a slow-moving farm vehicle is with an orange and red reflective triangle or flashers. These lights signify that there is a slow-moving vehicle on the road, and you need to be aware.  

What do I need to know when passing farm equipment?  

Although passing farm equipment is okay, it is imperative to understand when the right time is to pass a slow-moving vehicle.  

When preparing to pass a farm vehicle on the road, be sure there are dotted lines on the road; however, those are not the only indicators you may the vehicle. You also need to: 

  • Look to ensure there are no vehicles coming in the opposite direction.  
  • Give yourself space between you and the vehicle ahead of you.  
  • When passing oversized farm equipment, be sure you have ample room.  
  • You may also stay patient and slowly remain behind the farm vehicle until your route takes you elsewhere.  
  • And always remember to smile and wave to your traveling farmers. 

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