July 4th Fireworks had nothing on the Fireworks at this weeks Litchfield School Board Meeting. In 2020 The District posted “A Message of Unity” on their website in light of the recent death of George Floyd.

“The link in question was to a Google Doc that was a nationally-circulated list of resources for families and educators. It was intended to provide resources to help families and staff navigate and discuss the nationwide events following the death of George Floyd with children. Over the course of a year, resources were added to the document, without our knowledge, and evolved to include resources that do not align with neither our mission nor our curriculum. When we were made aware of that, the resource was removed from the district website. Our mistake was in sharing a link to a list of resources we did not control within the district. An explanation and apology for that mistake were given during tonight’s during the board meeting. In the future we are committed to providing or recommending resources that we have properly vetted within a static, district-owned document. ” School Board Christina Harrison explained.

The Mirror asked Harrison what parents should do if they think these “Concepts” are being taught in school.

“If a parent has concerns about or objections to ANY material their student has learned in school, we encourage them to contact the teacher and principal immediately. As stated, our mission is to provide a supportive, inclusive, respectful environment for all students. Policy IHAM (https://filecabinet7.eschoolview.com/41F23870-73C8-4256-A721-B30359DC5BD3/ihamexemptionfrominstruction.pdf) states that parents have every right to review class materials and to opt their student out of objectionable units. The policy includes a form for parents to fill out and submit to make such a request.”

Many in attendance at the meeting were looking for accountability and asking for Supt. Mike Jette’s resignation.

Supt. Jette’s statement BEFORE the meeting.

“In response to recent social media posts and concerns regarding the teaching of Critical Race Theory and Divisive Concepts in our schools, I would like to clarify several key points. 

  • We do NOT teach Critical Race Theory (CRT) and have no intention of adding it to our curriculum.  Please speak out and correct anyone who says otherwise.
  • By law, curriculum can only be approved by your elected school board.  They control the content of the Litchfield curriculum.  That approved curriculum is taught by the teachers you know and trust.
  • The board welcomes public input at all meetings, but please remember that the meetings have time limits in order to complete the business on the agenda.

On July 28th at 5pm in the CHS auditorium, the school board will host a Public Forum.  At the forum, the district will address concerns and questions raised over the past few days and explain how we foster equality, respect, inclusion and unity within our schools. By having a forum separate from our regular meeting, we will have the time and space to fully listen and respond to questions and concerns. All members of the Litchfield community are welcome to attend.

LCTV will stream the public forum live as well as on LCTV (Comcast) Channel 22.