Opinion By John Caynon

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Litchfield Mirror, LCTV, LCM, the Town of Litchfield or it’s elected officials.

In this week’s televised School Board Meeting there were a bunch of people at the meeting who are upset that their kids might be taught something like Critical Race Theory, (the School Board says not true) and they don’t want their kids to be “uncomfortable” with race talk, because it is “divisive”.  Do they mean like uncomfortable at CHS when your kids are the few people of color in their class and Huck Finn that has the N word 219 times is assigned and in class reading the other kids stare at them while reading the book?  We explained to our kids that although they were uncomfortable, this book was a classic and it was important to understand what was acceptable at a different time.  Or maybe they mean uncomfortable, when a child at LMS wrote my child was an N word on the bathroom stall uncomfortable.  Or, possibly they mean uncomfortable like when my child was called “Oprah”  repeatedly by other kids at CHS, solely based on the color of her skin “uncomfortable”.  Or possibly uncomfortable like when one my kids was called to the CHS office because a teacher smelled alcohol on her and her locker was searched, only to have them realize that the alcohol smell was the same hand sanitizer mounted on the wall on that every other CHS kid used kind of “uncomfortable”.  Or maybe they don’t want their kids to be uncomfortable living in such an affluent town as Litchfield,  like the kind of uncomfortable that my kids felt walking to Darrah Pond to play on the bike path with a group of their cousins and LPD stopped them to ask where they were going “uncomfortable”, because clearly a group of 10 black kids walking on a public way in Litchfield is something that should be questioned. The sad thing is this was a normal thing for their cousins, not my kids.  No one wants their kids to be “uncomfortable”, but if black kids are old enough to experience racism, even in Litchfield, then white kids are old enough to learn about it.