Mirror Staff

During this week’s Planning Board meeting, Tall Glass Winery presented plans to open for business in the Fall 2021 with a Winery and a Vineyard. The Winery building will house a production area, a storage area and space to host tasting and other events. There will also be outside seating and more seating near the Merrimack River. The Winery plans to be able to hold events with 20-25 people and may expand for weddings in the future. The barn that is currently on the property will be converted back to a storage barn as it is now a chicken coop. The House on the property is being renovated and will be rented. The pool will be removed and made into parking in the future. The Winery plans to make wines and ciders. One of the conditions for approval was for the Tall Glass Winery to have more of a specific landscaping plan as the Winery has abutters.

To see the entire presentation, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-6bP9PBeaI&t=5835s