By Nicola Beauregard 

It is hard to notice the beautiful Charles Bancroft Highway marker and “Welcome to Litchfield” sign at the southern border of Litchfield on Rt 3A; or it was until it got a recent clean-up. The area where the marker and sign are located is in a small, wooded area on the right as you enter town from Hudson.  There is a horseshoe drive that encompasses the grassy area, shaded with tall trees and bordered by the cool Litchfield Forest. My first thought when I drove into the forgotten drive was, “what a nice place for a picnic”. However, the grass and weeds had grown tall, with tangles of fallen tree branches throughout, essentially hiding the little park from the world. In the spirit of the recent beautification projects around town, a contingent of the Litchfield Democrats decided to bring their rakes and weed whackers together to try to tame the jungle and bring attention to the beauty of our town. Next time you drive into town from Hudson, take a look to the right and check it out; you can actually see the signs! We only just started to improve the area, as it was extremely overgrown and wild and will take time to rejuvenate. We hope to continue to tend the area and nurse it back to a state that all can stop by and enjoy.

Pictured: Betty Vaughn, Nicola Beauregard, Kathleen Grondine. Not pictured: John Croes