Litchfield What’s Up News Items – 7/27/2021

Pete and I have been unable to do the live news lately because of Pete’s botched waxing experiment. Hope to be back soon. Here’s the text version.

1️⃣New Italian Restaurant Opens Today – Tammaro’s Cucina opens today in the LFM Plaza. Pete and I will get down there at some point soon and do a review.

1️⃣*️⃣The Old Town Hall is Getting a Much-Needed Paint Job – Our wicked old Old Town Hall, which dates back to the 1800s, is getting a paint job. Selectman Bob Leary is scraping and painting the heck out of this thing. When it’s done, it is going to look awesome. I wonder if it would look good if we put granite posts along the road in front of it, like we did on the corner of 3A and Hillcrest.

2️⃣Taco Tuesday Lives On – Remember that Day Of The Dead Mexican Taqueria still has the $1 hard shell taco deal on Tuesdays, dine in or take out. I hope the sun comes out so we sit on the patio and have a few cervezas.

3️⃣Dump Mall to Close at 3:30pm – While the dump store is now open at the Litchfield Transfer Station, the “mall” (aka the junk table) will be closing at 3:30pm on Saturdays. This gives the guys time to clean up.

Corn is Here – Looks like the Corn is in at McQuesten Farm. Get on down there and buy a bushel or two. I am not sure the type of corn it is. I heard there are 3 types… butter, sugar, and silver queen.

5️⃣Stolen Farmhouse on the Corner Bike Found – FHOTC’s cool old bike was stolen last week by some folks apparently driving a junky jeep painted with house paint. Well, out of nowhere, it appears that Atom O’Neil found it and got it back to them. Chain that puppy down!

6️⃣Winery Gets Approval from Planning Board – Tall Glass Vineyards got approval to build a winery on 3A near the John Bryant River Access. It will include a wine tasting and small event center. Check out their page for more info.

7️⃣Veggies for Sale on 3A – In addition to McQuesten Farm corn, Tim Donah has veggies for sale on 3A. in the south end of town across from Chik Farm Woodworking.

8️⃣ Pete Says Lots of People Ordering Sundaes at Lix – Pete has been eating a lot of ice cream and says that a ton of people are ordering sundaes and banana boats at Lix Ice Cream. I have been fixated on the Mint Patty Frozen Yogurt for the last two months.

9️⃣Zoning Board Has New Members – The Zoning Board got a much needed shot-in-the-arm last night when the Board of Selectman approved nominations of several new members. The Zoning Board has had a problem lately with getting a quorum, thus delaying citizens and businesses ability to get projects passed. This should help. Coming up soon it the Baron’s Appliance Warehouse plan to build a warehouse down by St Francis.

1️⃣1️⃣Romanos Has Buckets of Beer and White Claws Available on the Patio – Hopefully this rain stops so we can enjoy a few brews on Romanos patio.

1️⃣2️⃣Beautification Update – Hopefully over the next month, the new wayfinding sign will go in at 3A and ABQ. It will point visitors to all our amenities… Darrah Pond, CHS, Town Hall, Pete’s House, etc.