A 63-acre parcel of land along the Merrimack River is becoming part of the New Hampshire Agrarian Commons. The land is currently being used by Normanton Farms and the new Litchfield Community Garden. The Conservation Commission was aware of this upcoming transaction and explains how it will affect the Community Garden going forward.

Conservation Commission Member and Founder of the Community Garden Dianne Plansky says in a statement:

“.. While we will be reaching out to the elementary school we will also be reaching out to middle and high schools, scouts other farmers in the area and local residents to farm plots on the land. Trails will be expanded into Agrarian Commons land from Parker Park and will mosey down from the garden as well. The Conservation Commission spear headed this project approaching the former land trust Monadnock land trust. Waiting for this official transfer held up the garden as things didn’t happen quite as quickly as they had anticipated. It will be a beautiful addition to Litchfield and we in conservation are ready to hit the ground running as soon as we are given the green light.”