Saturday 3pm -ish to 9pm ish, Roy Memorial Park. This will be a for profit event attracting about 1000 people. Tickets will cost $30 per person. 10% of profits will be donated to the Town of Litchfield and another 10% will be used to help purchase school clothing and supplies for LITCHFIELD students in need of financial assistance. Tickets will be on sale soon. Check the Litchfield What’s Up Facebook page for updates.

Notes from Selectmen / Rec Commission meeting:

BOS / REC details
I became aware of a post from Chaos and Kindness
They wanted to hold a “back to school bash” concert and were looking for a venue.
I submitted our information, and their manager got back in touch and said they were interested.
What they are looking for from us:
Venue – We had two choice Roy Memorial Park or Saw Mill Brook – decided Roy would be the
better option.
Emergency Services – We met with our local police and fire officials and they were willing to
provide services and agreed that Roy Memorial Park would be the preference.
What will Chaos And Kindness provide: ( beside a very entertaining evening)
Sound, Lighting, Stage, the entertainment and ticket sales.
This Event is for profit, and is open to public. Tix cost are probably $30 each.
However they will kick back
10% to the Town
10% to take students out School shopping – with the band and cast of Recycled
Percussion / Chaos & Kindness ( I assume this would be students from our system – but will
get further clarification)
Size: Possibly 1000 people ( once again, these details are still being worked out)
Age: All ages
Date: Saturday August 28th
Time: That is still TBD, Guessing 2 or 3pm until 9pm?

Obviously a lot of these decisions are dependent on this request being approved. But we are
figure late afternoon until early evening. Guessing 2-3 until 9pm?
Food: The Litchfield Softball and Baseball will have the concession stand open ( a nice

revenue generator for both leagues)
I have reached out to a couple of local vendors and will have them onsite ( Wagon Wheel
Donuts and Caylyns Ice cream truck, I am going to see if Scouts BSA would be interested in
selling water).
Chaos and Kindess / Recycled Percussion are a family friendly and live a drug free / alcohol
free life style and Alcohol will not be for sale at the event.
Parking: CHS
Troy has engaged Dr. Jette and he sounded like this shouldn’t be an issue
Hand-cap will be available at Roy as long as they display a placard – and I am lining up some
of the Sophomores working on their projects to man the gate, like they did for the family
fun night.
Porta-Potties – We will need to have more brought in
Talent Hall – Will be closed to the public and will be used as a “green room” for the

Covid -This will be all out side. Roy ( 3.7 ac of grass field ) actually isn’t much smaller
than Saw Mill (a littles less than 5.0) acres.
Plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the music and ground
Steve Gannon – Chair
Andy Ruggle – ViceChair
Andy Collins – Member
Chris Burns – Member
Peter Ames – Member
Judy Brennan – Alternate – Will be appointed to full member for round of voting
Steve Webber – Selectmans Rep
Absent – Mike Boschi
Alternate – Jeff Browne