Opinion By John Caynon

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There is an old saying:   When you’re about to get run out of town on a rail, get out in front and call it a parade” That is what it looked like the US was doing when we fled the botched exit from Afghanistan.  As a person who had family and friends fight in both Afghanistan and  Vietnam where this past week’s event reminded me of the pictures of and TV reports of helicopters being piled with people fleeing our embassy in Saigon.  We needed to go to Afghanistan, but how we left with people running into the airport to climb on our limited aircraft was a gut punch.  Now our own citizens have to run a gauntlet of Taliban checkpoints surrounding the airport to get out of the country, as our forces won’t leave the airport.  Another humiliation.  Who is going to take the blame for the incompetence shown in this effort?  Who is going to lose their jobs for this mess?  No one.  Our President headed back to Camp David and has anyone seen Vice President Harris?  They are hiding.  How can anyone trust us in the future if we can’t even assure our own citizens who weren’t notified of the precipitous situation (No chance the country collapses according to our President recently)  can’t get out of the country and all of those who fought alongside our gallant service members are at the mercy of terrorists.  Why trust us to get it right the next time politically/diplomatically?  Thank you to all who served and for those who gave their last measure in support of our country.  This isn’t on you, it is on our leadership!