Some Do’s and Don’ts from the What’s Up Facebook page. Courtesy Sarah Thomas

Here is some VERY important info when handling migrating turtles!!!

1. Please DO move them out of the road. They’re slow (obviously) and you are saving their life.

2. MOVE THEM IN THE DIRECTION THEY ARE HEADED. All caps because this is important. They know where to go, pay attention to which side they’re moving towards, and give them a lift in that direction.

3. It’s OK to handle them with your bare hands! Avoid touching them if you have recently applied hand sanitizer or lotion, but otherwise the oils from your skin won’t hurt them.

4. Pick them up, move them, then take pictures when you are BOTH off the road. You can’t help more turtles if you yourself get smushed by a car 😕

5. Pick up turtles by their sides. You can also scoop up the small ones with a piece of thin cardboard or a shovel, but, it’s fine to just pick them up. Be gentle. Their shells are still thin, handle them like you would chicken eggs.6. Remember your life is more important than a turtles life. They lay a ton of eggs because they know every one won’t survive. There’s only one YOU, there are a ton of turtles. If it’s not safe to stop, don’t.