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Conservation Corner

With Matt Lepore – Mirror Contributor

Conservation Commission Attends Timber Walk

Mirror Staff Conservation Commission Chair Matt Lepore and Alternate Member Jayson Brennen attended the Timber Walk Thursday hosted by NH Forests and Lands Dept. Conservation Commission notes: 1. They went over the process.  The larger pines that are marked within “the area” will come down.  They will have skid roads set up and will triage […]

Camping Tips

KEEP YOUR CAMPING TRIPS SAVE AND FUN WITH OUR LIST OF TIPS FOR SAFE CAMPING. While camping is an enjoyable activity, there are many tips to ensure your safety during a fun-filled weekend or adventurous week-long trip. Check out the following guide to learn more about how to make the most of your next campaign […]

Kayaking Tips

Mirror Staff The Litchfield River Access is open for the season so it’s a great time to familiarize ourselves with some basic safety tips. Paddling off without taking some basic precautions is like hitting the trail without the proper equipment. Why temp fate? If you’d like to enjoy many happy returns on your kayaking adventures, then […]

Conservation Corner: Parker’s New Bridge?

Mirror Staff The Conservation and Rec Committees will soon have a joint meeting. The Mirror has learned this may be regarding a new bridge at Parker’s Park. The Beautification Committee and the new Trail Crew may be involved as well. Stay Tuned!!!

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